B2U starts sales of Ingenico POS payment terminals


B2U has been selling Ingenico POS payment terminals since the beginning of this year. Yes indeed, the Ingenico, the global market leader! This party has taken over Ogone, or the well-known internet cash register. As we have been a preferred partner since 2002, it is a logical step for us to also offer the Ingenico POS payment terminals!

How come we are only now able to start using these terminals in the Netherlands? This is because until recently the purely Dutch PIN protocol was active in the Netherlands. This was recently changed to Maestro and now Ingenico can also process e-commerce and payment terminal transactions in the Netherlands. And we are happy about that, because it obviously has its advantages.

Benefits Ingenico POS payment terminals

  • Terminals can be easily linked to POS solutions
  • Both e-commerce and payment terminal transactions at one party
  • With B2U, a single point of contact for all transactions
  • Less administrative pressure
  • Proven payment convenience for consumers
  • Ingenico terminals stand for quality and reliability

Choose the option that best suits your business

There are three types of Ingenico POS payment terminals. One is a version that you can build into the cash register system. Ideal for theatres, supermarkets and chain shops, among others. There are also two mobile variants that are ideally suited to the retail and hospitality sectors. The terminals work either via GPRS or can be linked to your Android or iOS devices! Choose the option that best suits your business.

Contact us for personalised advice! Call 0297-381300 or email ingenico@b2u.eu

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