About B2U

We are not satisfied until our customer is.

About Business to You

Business to You has been advising and providing solutions in the field of online payments and online security since 2001. Business to You works in a small, flexible team. The customer’s needs are our starting point. We are not satisfied until our customer is. It is precisely because of this service-oriented approach that we can count many renowned companies and institutions among our clients.

Choose the best payment solution for your webshop

Customers approach us for the best payment solution. A solution that fits their sector, software, processes and accounting afterwards. And this regardless of whether it is a web store, theater, government/municipality, soccer club, ferry service, parking garage, rental company or, for example, a library.

We think along with the customer and also actively help the customer’s suppliers (webshop software, programmers, site builders) to properly implement the chosen solution.

No webshop, no worries, send a payment link

In addition to this payment solution, customers find their way to us because of our sister company, PayByLink.

PayByLink makes payment easier, more efficient and faster. By sending payment links from PayByLink via email, text message or showing as a QR code, you receive your money faster. Many thousands of companies, from hotels to wholesalers and amusement parks to pension funds, use it every day.

PayByLink offers you a user-friendly solution to handle any type of payment as efficiently and flexibly as possible. Whether it’s billing processes, collection processes, online purchases or mobile transactions. PayByLink has the solution.

Let your customers pay in a safe environment

Every day the media are full of stories about hackers who have gained access to company websites and stolen personal data. And you, as the owner, are legally responsible for this (privacy laws)!

With Trust Guard, websites are scanned to find security vulnerabilities. Weaknesses that could allow hackers to do damage. These scans are performed fully automatically daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Trust Guard offers various types of scanning in compliance with PCI/DSS, OWASP, ISO27001, AVG/GDPR, NIS/2, HIPAA and SOx.