Ingenico innovates with brand new payment terminals



Ingenico has launched three brand new payment terminals. Everything has been thought of: from ergonomic improvements and a better feel of the keys to bumpers that prevent the terminal from sliding off the counter. Multimedia capabilities have also been expanded; read all about it in this new blog.

Digitalisation has now taken root in our society. There is no industry where digital is not being transformed, and so Ingenico, too, is in full swing. You can see this in the new payment terminals Desk/5000, Move/5000 and Lane/5000. Each one features the familiar technology with magnetic strip, chip reader & NFC capabilities (swiping, dipping, tapping) that you are used to from Ingenico, but one step further.



The Ingenico Desk/5000 is the latest standalone payment terminal with fixed power supply. The employee types in the amount of the transaction, hands the terminal to your customer, after which they can pay by card. Contact with Ingenico, for authorisation, is automatic via the terminal. You can also purchase two copies of this terminal and connect them together with a cable, so that although you as a merchant initiate the transaction, you no longer have to hand the terminal over to your customer. ‘Your’ terminal then acts as host for the second terminal.



The mobile variant of the new terminals is the Ingenico Move/5000. This one is ideally suited for use in market stalls, restaurants or taxis – in short, in all places where you want to be able to move to and from your customer with your terminal. The Move/5000 works either via GPRS or via your own WiFi channel. Unlike the Desk/5000, this terminal is not connected to a power point, but is equipped with its own battery. “Move” as in “optimally mobile”!



The Lane/5000 is a terminal that integrates with your POS system. This terminal is ideally suited for transactions involving a large number of products, such as a supermarket. The till registers everything and automatically sends the total amount to your terminal, after which your customer can pay.

Ingenico service

Of course, you can always contact Ingenico in case of a breakdown. Within 24 hours, Ingenico will send you a replacement terminal by post. And if you want, you will get someone on site within 24 hours (Pro subscription) or even within 8 hours (Premium subscription). So you are never non-operational for longer than necessary!

Business to You is at your service

As always, Business to You is ready to answer all your questions about these brand new payment terminals. And not only that: we are also happy to arrange all purchases of related supplies, such as till rolls, for example!

Finally, we stress that in addition to Ingenico’s new terminals, we still sell mPOS capabilities for transactions via your smartphone and tablet.

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