“It saves us 250 hours a year”

“When we send out a set of policies in the morning, along with a payment link for the premium, we see the first payments come in within seconds. That’s why we love using it so much. It really adds value for our customers,” says Michael Boon of Dekilometerverzekering.nl

Deadline for Code of Conduct on Access Security for Hospitals is rapidly approaching!

As more and more patient data is stored in digital files, secure access to this data is a real necessity. Not only to protect against cybercriminals, but also to ensure that only the right staff members have access to the files. That is why hospitals are obliged to carry out an audit to test the security. Trust Guard helps you to prepare and carry out this audit.

Fetch car sharing project is a great success

You may have already seen them driving around in Amsterdam: the 100 brand-new Renault ZOEs from Fetch car sharing. Since the beginning of February cars can be rented thanks to a wonderful collaboration between Fetch, Renault and PayByLink. We are proud of this beautiful car sharing project!

Everything I do now started with Visa

We are known for our products, but who are we really? Throughout the year, we give a look behind the scenes. We start with the person who registered Business to You at the Chamber of Commerce 17 years ago: Hans Bouman, the owner.

A DPO is often required by law. Does this also apply to you?

"If you look at the latest change to the privacy statement on any website, you will see that the last change often dates from early 2018: the moment that the GDPR officially replaced the Dutch Act "Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens" (Personal Data Protection Act). That shows how the GDPR lives in companies," says Jeroen Bosch van Rosenthal of DPO Consult. "Particularly in terms of a DPO, things are still a bit off."

Trust Guard’s innovation train never stands still

In order to be able to offer and continue to guarantee optimum security for your website, Trust Guard's product development never stops. In this blog, we are pleased to share the most recent innovations with you.

SSL management made easy!

One of the first requirements against cybercriminals is the purchase of an SSL certificate for your website. Surfing without HTTPS in the domain name is not a good practice! With the Trust Guard Vulnerability Scan, you can now view and manage the status of your SSL certificates.

Recurring transactions: SEPA & credit card via one platform

Collecting recurring transactions is a separate discipline. The amounts have differents levels and frequencies and the customers originate from different countries. In addition, both credit cards and SEPA mandates are being used. This makes collecting a complex business, since a company often needs multiple solutions, each with separate integrations and workflows. Would it not be easy to have one single platform to manage all of this? A small spoiler: there is such a platform.

Over € 1 billion collected through PayByLink!

All PayByLink customers combined have collected over € 1 billion via our payment link. A fantastic milestone. We are quite proud of that! But especially a success for all merchants that send payment links via PayByLink. Because their customers pay up to 3x faster than with regular invoices.

Website security on IPv6

The government-wide standardisation of IPv6 addresses is in full swing. The conversion from IPv4 to IPv6 not only entails the use of new structured address blocks, but also many improvements in the area of security. With its new scanning technology, Trust Guard offers a solution for companies and government organisations that already work with IPv6 addresses.