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Test Info: Advice I want to simulate transaction results based on the card number

Good programming also means testing successful, unsuccessful and even fault (error)-transactions.

In many cases it’s difficult to generate specific order amounts to trigger different results. So our experience is to test with different card numbers to generate specific transaction results.

Note: some payment methods like iDEAL (Netherlands) simulate the payment pages and offer direct buttons to generate the specific payment status for testing. Use both methods to test your integration!


Different transactions results will generate different statuses and send buyers back to different landingpages afterwards (as specified with hidden parameters in the ACCEPTURL, DECLINEURL, CANCELURL and  EXCEPTIONURL).

Make sure you test the following situations:
* SUCCESSFUL transactions result in status 9 and the buyer will be delivered on the accepturl. Text advice ‘Your transaction was successful…’
* UNSUCCESFUL transactions result in status 2 and the buyer will be delivered on the declineurl. Text advice ‘Your transaction was not successful, please try again from the shopping basket..’
* CANCELLED transactions result in status 1 and the buyer will be delivered on the cancelurl. Text advice ‘You cancelled the transaction. Feel free to continue shopping..’
* EXCEPTIONS will result in status 91/92/93 and the buyer will be delivered on the exceptionurl
Text advice ‘Thanks for your order but we did not yet receive the final status. Please, do not try to make another payment. As soon as we receive the final status we will inform you….’

IMPORTANT: In TEST, Ogone will update the status 91/92/93 randomly after about 30 minutes, resulting  in a successful status 9 (accepted) or unsuccessful status 2 (declined).

This is how you easily can test the  ‘Deferred (delayed) HTTP request’!

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