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Advice OFF

Some merchants don’t want the buyers to be able to cancel their transaction during the payment process.  We advice to show the cancel button because otherwise the buyer is not able to ‘quit’ the payment correctly and that means the Ogone status and order database will never reach a final status like ‘cancelled’.

paymen tpge redirect button Ogone

When not used, the ‘back button ‘ on the Ogone-payment pages will use the main-URL from the account records (website address).

Our Advice is indeed to use the back button:
·         to lead the buyer directly to your shopping basket again
·         but use the HIDDEN PARAMETERS instead because that’s dynamic (per transaction) so it can be used from different shops (!) and also session-ID’s could be in the URL otherwise the session is lost when the buyer is redirected!

HINT => Not using the BACKURL will sometimes results in disfunctioning for specific payment methods like SofortÜberweisung

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