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E-mails to merchant, transaction related

Advice Use in startup phase – order updates is better

Merchants with low transaction volumes or during new start-ups, it’s convenient to receive email notifications of new transactions. With a higher transaction volume, automation should not rely on e-mails! Educate employees to look in the order database of the webshop instead!

Note: Multiple e-mail addresses can be entered, separated by ‘;’.

Receive transaction confirmation e-mails

Advice Yes, for all transaction submission modes
If you use email notification, better get notifications independent of which Ogone-module or channel is used.

Receive e-mails in case of offline transaction status changes

Advice Yes, for each offline status change

In case delayed status changes are submitted by Ogone to the order database of the webshop, it’s evitable no-one will notify these updates if not automated correctly. There for use these email notifications as trigger to be notified.

E-mails to the customer

Advice no

In the (very) past, simple shopping software solutions did not have an build-in email server. That’s why Ogone created this option to send the buyer/consumer an email instead. These days most webshops have their own functionalities to e-mail the buyers themselves. No need to use the ‘standard’ Ogone emails anymore.



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