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Payment Service Providers (PSP)

Processing payments is all about security. Because PSP’s themselves are PCI-certified, we don’t have to explain to you how important online security is on the internet. 

Market security, strengthen your branding. Why won’t you offer PCI-services to your merchants? Every merchant being hacked, means also risk and branding damage for the PSP. The chain is as strong as the weakest link…

Think ‘legal’, protect your merchants

Also from a legal perspective it’s better to secure your merchants as well. Although most merchants use URL-forward payment pages (PSP-hosted), the following situations may still occur:

  • Merchants still could posses credit card numbers based on other MO/TO-channels
  • Some merchants provide service by processing card transactions filled in on their own e-commerce payment pages (card numbers kept on file at the merchant location)
  • Because of chargeback’s; the merchant keeps credit card numbers on their own systems
  • Merchants can be hacked and the user-id/password combination of the PSP-admin is misused. Credit card numbers misused due to this situation still fall within the responsibility of the merchant. Penalties of Visa International/MasterCard International will go directly from acquirer to merchant. 
  • Due to the fact that the PSP is not mentioned in the contract between acquirer & merchant… Are you as PSP willing to explain this to your merchants?
  • If a PSP is hacked (like CardSystems, 40.000.000 credit card numbers stolen) the merchant keep liable to any damage of stolen card numbers being fraudulent used afterwards…

Let your merchants sell more

If merchants increase the Trust Guard scan frequency to daily, they are allowed to show the Trust Guard logo. By that, security changes into marketing. Because of the extra trust on the website, merchants sell more.

Speaking of win-win situation! 

Become reseller and increase revenue per merchant

If you become a reseller for Trust Guard you will earn commission per sale. We offer you a co-branded landing pages on which merchants can register themselves online. 

Why not combine security with extra income? After all Trust Guard is worldwide leader and offers reliable, robust PCI-solutions for low prices! The commission is calculated on all sales: PCI-Quarterly, PCI-Monthly, PCI-Weekly, PCI-Daily and test- accounts.

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