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Outsource your PCI-project

As acquirer you need to roll-out the PCI-program to your merchants. Many acquirers consider this as a project without any direct profit:

  • investigate the scope of the project
  • assign project leader
  • analyze PCI-levels of your merchants
  • send out communication to your merchants
  • process all feedback from merchants
  • coordinate sign-up process for merchants to be scanned by a vendor
  • normally the acquirer pays the biggest part of the scanning solution
  • make the merchants to fill in the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • make an inventory of the PCI-scan results & SAQ’s
  • chase merchants who are not PCI-certified
  • inform the Visa & MasterCard brands about the progress

Also the message to your merchant will be negative

  • you have to become PCI-certified
  • it will cost you a lot of money & time
  • if not PCI-certified, you cannot accept credit cards anymore

Let us help you!

With our tools we can help you roll-out the project much more easy. As a matter a fact, we even can soften the pain for your merchant, or even make them happy with more sales. Services which we can provide:

  • Communication with your merchants 
  • Registration process for making inventory of PCI-levels of you merchants (branded with your logo, your own text and one-time discount option) 
  • Offer in the same process immediately PCI-scanning & SAQ**.  
  • Online reporting about the PCI-status of your merchants (+export to Excell)

We also perform PCI-Level 1 on-site audits, just contact us for more  information.
** The Self Assessment Questionnaire is automated on the web. Reporting functionalities include creation of a PDF-report (to be send to the acquirer)

Offer your merchants marketing power

If merchants increase the Trust Guard scan frequency to daily, they are allowed to show the Trust Guard logo. By that, security changes into marketing. Because of the extra trust on the website, merchants sell more.