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Non profit

Maintain the trust of donors, volunteers and clients with Trust Guard

All non profit organizations are legally responsible for implementing programs that confirm compliance with federal regulations and industry standards regarding Internet and payment security. Non profit organizations must also maximize the productivity of their fundraising programs, particularly in an era when more donors are online from their homes and offices. Trust Guard delivers for you in both areas.

Trust Guard certification enables non profit organizations to manage and mitigate risk as well as raise more money from their web sites. With daily vulnerability scanning closing holes for hackers, the appearance of the Trust Guard trustmark on web sites helps potential donors open up their wallets and consumers purchase merchandise from your online store.

Managing Internet Threats

Trust Guard certification technology is a high powered security tool that provides comprehensive and cost-effective management of Internet vulnerabilities and will keep your web site free of vulnerabilities and hackers. It helps both network administrators and management bring a high level of on-demand 24/7 security and accountability to their computer systems. Trust Guard  certification helps protect non profits and their senior managers from potential liability by providing an historical audit trail of security that is traceable to federal standards.

Boosting online donations

Due to mass media coverage of hacking and identity theft from ecommerce sites, the same reluctance that stops consumers shopping online prevents them as well from donating online. As the worlds most recognized assurance of Internet security, Trust Guard certification is widely proven to boost online donations and merchandise sales. When the American Red Cross deployed a Trust Gaurd certified donation page, it saw donor conversion rise 14%.

Trust Guard certification is easy to implement, requires no software or hardware, and includes unlimited technical support from certified security professionals.