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Certifying the security of government infrastructure

In the post-September 11 era, the Department of Homeland Security has rallied all federal, state and local governments and agencies, as well as private industry, to ’harden’ their information systems. Mission-critical systems providing key services to our communities must be able to withstand attack from hackers and cyber terrorists.

Federal, state and local governments must be able to:

  • Comply with Federal and Payment Card Industry (PCI) security requirements
  • Protect the privacy, integrity, and availability of their information assets
  • Provide accessibility and availability to them for employees, business partners and constituents
  • Ensure these critical information assets remain secure 24/7/365.

Trust Guard's PCI/DSS Security Certification Program is the most cost-effective way to help meet these performance objectives.

Peace of Mind from Trust Guard

All federal, state and local governments and agencies are legally responsible for implementing programs that confirm compliance with federal regulations and industry standards regarding Internet security.

The Department of Homeland Security recommends on-going vulnerability auditing of information systems and regular testing of security processes. By conducting consistent, comparable, and repeatable assessments of security processes and controls, governments have a much more thorough understanding of risks resulting from the operation of information systems.

Managing Internet Threats

Trust Guard certification provides comprehensive and cost-effective management of Internet vulnerabilities. It helps both network administrators and management bring a high level of 24/7 security and accountability to their government computer systems. Trust Guard certification helps protect governments and senior management from potential liability by providing an historical audit trail of security that is traceable to federal standards.

Driving Adoption of eGovernment

Due to mass media coverage of hacking and identity theft from ecommerce sites, millions of consumers are very reluctant to shop online. This same reluctance also affects the success of governments and agencies in migrating their constituents to more cost-effective online payment options for taxes, utility bills, fines and parks and recreation services. Trust Guard is proven by cities across the country to drive much greater constituent adoption of eGovernment services. Trust Guard certification is easy to implement, requires no software or hardware, and includes unlimited technical support from certified security professionals.