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Without people, no internet. Without social contacts and interaction, no internet. Without communication between person-to-person or business-to-consumers, no internet. Think of all the communities out there on the internet like: datingsites, communities, alumni, communication platforms, forums and public knowledge portals.

Protect your members

On this part the internet is already no longer an anonym and innocent place to be. Today people are on purpose trying to steal personal information to commit ID-theft or to blackmail persons or ever worse. By this, communities must take their responsibility and secure the service they offer the best they can.

Privacy regulations

Communities operate within the area of privacy legalization. Anywhere in the world governments have regulations and laws in place to protect their citizens. Like in Europe the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament.

Take your responsibility

In addition to user names and passwords, authentication methods and encryption technology communities should also pay attention to the quality of the programmed software and to potential vulnerabilities in their websites. That's why organizations opt for a PCI DSS certification and they want to earn the Trust Guard logo by scanning their web sites daily. With Trust Guard your community is safe!