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The importance of bookkeeping doesn’t have need to explain. It becomes interesting to see why companies switch to online bookkeeping. It has all to do with sharing bookkeeping with multiple departments (even in different countries), benefit from central upgraded functionalities and updated versions and profit from more efficiencies. Moving from offline to online bookkeeping has a lot of benefits.

How to convince your clients about security

Like online backups, this means companies trust their whole bookkeeping to be stored as an outsourced business at a third party on the internet. All their sensitive, even secret, information on loans, costs, profit margins, investments, employees, stock positions and more….

Personal & loan administration

Next to financial bookkeeping also personal and loan administration is growing online. Think of P&O helpdesk aspects next to loan administration.


Bookkeeping branche organizations and accountancy associations demand specific security measures to maintain quality and trust in their sector. In many cases the local government and tax authorities already have a lot of standards and procedures concerning the bookkeeping itself. But more and more the sector also want to commit to online security standards like PCI/DSS and Trust Guard.

Trust assured

Your customers, logging into your online bookkeeping portal, are very aware about the security and possible breaches which could occur and effect their business. So make sure to implement daily scanning for your whole environment. And enable the system engineers to maintain the needed level of security, supported by Trust Guard as tool. Clients wants online bookkeeping firms to be audited and certified by objective independent standards and/or companies like PCI and Trust Guard. Show the logo like many Trust Guard merchants already do, to give your clients the trust and confidence they want.