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More and more companies switch to online backups on the internet instead of local offline backups on hard disks, tapes or DVD’s. The common sense that keeping your backup locally stored makes your company very vulnerable in case of fire or theft.

The online backup sector must maintain trust

Increasing security by decreasing dependency on local backup’s, the other site of the medaillon is the fact that online backups are stored on the internet and therefore targets for hackers. If you think of the value of the backup being placed online! The company assets like: knowledge, clients, bookkeeping, profit, product- and stock information is at stake. So next to good online backup solutions the main business is based on providing trust.


With a high tech environment like online backups the first step is to ensure daily scanning of the whole system. More and more providers already want to certify on PCI/DSS-level. Just because it’s one of the most practical website security programs. For that, Trust Guard provides scanning of all IP-addresses/ranges and URL’s. With the biggest vulnerability database (updated every 15 minutes) and most advanced scanning technology, we make sure your environment is secure.

Market your security

Clients must overcome their fear to store all sensitive information on an online backup solution. There for make sure to show how secure it is. Make sure you show the Trust Guard logo and get more clients in (and faster).