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Image placement

Eye Level is Buy Level

In traditional retailing, merchandise display is critically important. "Eye level is buy level" is a retail merchandising mantra that has reliably stood the test of time. Products that are stocked at eye level sell better than anywhere else because this is where consumers look first. Walk into any grocery or drug store and you will find the best-selling products positioned at eye level.

Do you offer free shipping to your customers? On most sites, free shipping offers are positioned high above the fold on the home page to induce shoppers.

Online retailers emphasize free shipping offers because research data consistently shows that the cost of shipping is cited by consumers as one of the main reasons they do not purchase. In fact, only one other reason is more frequently cited by consumers during research surveys fear of credit card theft by hackers.

The ROI of Building Trust

Place your certification above the fold, on the home page and on all catalogue page. Eye level really is buy level. The same holds true for the importance of certifying your security. Therefore the Trust Guard logo is a floating logo. The logo will always be visible, either if visitors are on top of your page or on the bottom or everywhere else on the page.