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Sell more with Trust Guard logo

Showing the Trust Guard logo means showing trust. More trust means more sales. 

Become PCI/DSS certified as demand from Visa/MasterCard/Amex

Creditcard organizations together realized the PCI/DSS-standard for website security. This Payment Card Industry / Data Security Standard means that you have to scan your whole website with all IP-numbers quaterly on vulnerabilities. Next to scanning, also a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) must be filled in.
Your acquirer wants you to be PCI-certified. Trust Guard can help you!

Secure your website

If your income is based on online sales through the internet, then better make sure your website is secure. Did you ever calculate what it costs if your website is compromised? Do not only think of x-days loss of sales but think about the damage and repair costs related as well! Be smart, be Trust Guard!

Realize a higher search-engine position like Google

Being Trust Guard means not only showing the logo on your website! There will also be a backlink on our site. Result: higher search-engine position!

Your competitors have Trust Guard as well

If your competitors show the Trust Guard logo they probably already understand the power of “Marketing your Security”. Don’t wait, the battle for the consumers takes place in seconds when clients enter your website and have confidence, or not!

Privacy regulations

Merchants tend to have a black hole if it concerns legal laws to protect consumers/citizens. Privacy regulation should be your top-priority if you don’t want to be victim of ID-theft and image damage as soon as your shop is compromised!

Tool for your system owners

Not one high skilled system owner anywhere in the world has the knowledge, skills and time to check on a daily bases your website vulnerabilities. Trust Guard gets from over 500 vendors the latest discovered vulnerabilities. With that we help your system owners to patch your systems within days, instead of an average of 9 months!

Certify for standards like HIPAA, SOX, ISO17799, SAS70

Big part of many standards address scanning as part of the certification. Trust Guard can help you!

Demand from your branche organization

More and more branches and organizations demand their members to implement security to secure the market they are operating in. Ask your associations about their security policy and your obligations!

Image damage costs a lot more!

What if your website is compromised and you will be in the newsletter tomorrow? Do we have to say more? "We make the web Trust Guard!"