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Web portal

User friendly

Our secure web-based vulnerability management system provides extensive vulnerability data along with complete patch information, enabling rapid prioritization and remediation. Configuration of both device (port level) and domain (protocol level) scanning is available. On-demand security audits can be initiated at any time when the latest scan reveiled a vulnerability. Multiple user accounts can be created with appropriate roles and privilege levels providing information access and alert levels tailored to your organization. From protecting a single web site to auditing a complex network, Trust Guard provides the appropriate tools for each task.

Interactive vulnerability management

Trust Guard doesn’t just provide you with a 10 page list of the vulnerabilities we find - we give you an interactive vulnerability management tool. You may view vulnerabilities by type, severity, patch difficulty, device or device group. Sort and view detailed remediation steps and track delegated remediation progress. Create custom alert levels for each user or group role. Compare recent audits with data going back up to three years. Configure and generate HTML or PDF format technical, management or compliance reports.

Customized downloadable reports

Extensive PDF reporting capabilities include easily customizable report templates with the flexibility to create executive-level summary reports with trend analysis, detailed technical reports with specific patch information and Reports On Compliance to meet various federal and industry requirements such as GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, Visa CISP/AIS and MasterCard SDP.