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Security awareness: the importance of good information policy

The moment hackers at your organisation make off with privacy-sensitive data, the consequences are your responsibility – including legal ones. Yet cybersecurity within companies is still not as self-evident as a decent lock on the front door. And that while this topic deserves just as much attention.

Webshop security: your responsibility


Retailers with a physical shop have locks on the door, a decent alarm system, fire extinguishers, good insurance and so on. Online, on the other hand, there is hardly any investment in good security. That is a double standard. Online, however, there is also danger. In fact, online you may be an even bigger potential target. Investing in proper security is crucial. You are even legally obliged to secure your website or webshop adequately.

Protect your crown jewels


Newspapers and news sites publish reports of successful hacking or ransomware attacks almost daily. Cybercrime is the most lucrative form of crime and is far superior to human trafficking or drug trafficking worldwide. It can have a huge impact, but no one mirrors it in their own business.

SSL management made easy!


One of the first requirements against cybercriminals is the purchase of an SSL certificate for your website. Surfing without HTTPS in the domain name is not a good practice! With the Trust Guard Vulnerability Scan, you can now view and manage the status of your SSL certificates.

WebwinkelKeur recommends Trust Guard


WebwinkelKeur considers it important that its members have a secure webshop, and this is reflected in the WebwinkelKeur ‘secure browsing’ badge on the website. To make this website security possible, WebwinkelKeur has chosen to collaborate with Trust Guard, an online full-fledged website security scan for checking the technical security of the webshop. Members of WebwinkelKeur receive a 25% discount during the first year, and a standard 15% discount when renewing.

A DPO is often required by law. Does this also apply to you?


“If you look at the latest change to the privacy statement on any website, you will see that the last change often dates from early 2018: the moment that the GDPR officially replaced the Dutch Act “Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens” (Personal Data Protection Act). That shows how the GDPR lives in companies,” says Jeroen Bosch van Rosenthal of DPO Consult. “Particularly in terms of a DPO, things are still a bit off.”

Website security on IPv6

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The government-wide standardisation of IPv6 addresses is in full swing. The conversion from IPv4 to IPv6 not only entails the use of new structured address blocks, but also many improvements in the area of security. With its new scanning technology, Trust Guard offers a solution for companies and government organisations that already work with IPv6 addresses.

Deadline for Code of Conduct on Access Security for Hospitals is rapidly approaching!


As more and more patient data is stored in digital files, secure access to this data is a real necessity. Not only to protect against cybercriminals, but also to ensure that only the right staff members have access to the files. That is why hospitals are obliged to carry out an audit to test the security. Trust Guard helps you to prepare and carry out this audit.

We missed you on the e-Commerce Xpo in Kortrijk

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On 14 and 15 October, we had a stand at the e-Commerce trade fair in Kortrijk. At the fair, we demonstrated how Trust Guard can help you keep your customers’ data safe.

Increased consumer trust thanks to Trust Guard scans


The collaboration between Safeshops and Business to You is a good example of how two organisations can strengthen each other and together provide an even more complete service. Speaking is Greet Dekocker, Managing Director at Safeshops.