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Why Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved collects up to 70x more ratings and reviews.

Shopper Approved collects up to 70x more ratings and reviews. Since its launch in 2010, Shopper Approved has consistently collected ratings and reviews for more than 42% of its customers, which works out at 70x more reviews and ratings than competing services and products.

The constant growth of Shopper Approved’s customer database motivates us as an organisation, not only to further develop the Shopper Approved product but also to encourage our customers to constantly seek new channels through which reviews and ratings can bring maximum support for their organisation.

Moreover, we are continually looking for new ways of not only collecting more reviews and ratings but also of improving their quality. Here too, these developments are always done in the interests of the customer and the success of their e-Commerce activities.

Shopper Approved collects three different types of rating.

Shopper Approved collects a range of reviews from one area: local /regional reviews, merchant reviews and product reviews.

  Shopper Approved Merchant Reviews: 
If you offer online products and/or services through a website, then merchant ratings will have a positive impact on your business operation. Merchant ratings are the most visible form of online reviews. Merchant ratings are displayed in different strategic locations including Google Adwords as well as Bing and Yahoo Ad Networks.

 Shopper Approved Product Reviews:
If you offer physical products online then you can collect product reviews in addition to merchant ratings. Product ratings are unique because they are displayed in the Product Listing Ads (PLA) and in Google Shopping at strategic locations to help you improve your listings.

  Lokale en regionale reviews:
If you represent a local company, such as a restaurant, plumbing company, medical centre, hairdresser’s or even if you do not run your company from any particular location, then the Local and Regional ratings are hugely important for your organisation. Shopper Approved Local offers a number of quick and easy ways of collecting ratings and reviews from your customers.

Shopper Approved has the largest distribution network.

Collecting ratings is just one important tool in your competitive armoury. Showing this information to the right target audience is the other. That is also the reason why Shopper Approved is continually extending its network on which the reviews and ratings are shown.

Shopper Approved has official distribution agreements with Google, Yahoo and Bing for online Merchant and various local business directories for Local Merchants. We also have social media plug-ins for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube, along with Google Rich Snippets and a robust API for advanced users.

Shopper Approved is easy to install.

Shopper Approved constantly works with its new and current customer database to keep the installation, activation and any updates as simple as possible. At the same time we provide expert support whenever any questions arise or assistance is required. Shopper Approved is fully web-based (SaaS) and does not need any hardware or software. The Shopper Approved code is asynchronous so it is loaded independently from your website to guarantee that loading times are unimpeded.

Shopper Approved collects reviews where your customers are located.

The key to collecting ratings and reviews lies in the fact that it needs to be made as simple as possible for your customers to leave reviews and ratings. Shopper Approved offers a range of options according to the nature of the ratings that you wish to collect.

 For local merchants:
You can make folders, displays or flyers with QR codes, you can add QR codes or a survey URL to your coupons, you can conduct email surveys or you can get your customers to complete a survey on a tablet. Customers scan the QR codes then complete the user-friendly surveys quickly and easily.

 For online merchants:
You can collect ratings directly from the shopping cart. Then you can immediately email surveys automatically or manually. You can also collect reviews as part of a telephone ordering process.

Shopper Approved surveys are easy to create and customise.

Our standard surveys have been developed so they can easily be incorporated into your existing website design. However, if you want your survey to match the look and feel of your site, then Shopper Approved offers a number of advanced options that will make this possible. Standard survey questions can be adapted and you can also add your own questions in order to gain a better understanding of your customers.

Shopper Approved Customer Resolution simplifies communication with your customers.

A dissatisfied customer wants to be acknowledged and heard. This is your chance to spring into action and offer a solution. You can easily contact a customer who leaves behind a 1 or 2-Star review via a messaging service. You will be notified about this within Shopper Approved. When the problem has been resolved to everyone’s full satisfaction, the customer is invited to revise the review and bring it up to date. In the event that customer fails to respond to your attempts to contact them, a message will be place under their review stating that you tried to reach them. The review readers will then be able to see that the customer did not make use of the opportunity of speaking to you to resolve the issue.

Shopper Approved also offers the option of leaving behind a statement. Statements are incredibly valuable and can still build confidence and loyalty – especially after a 1 or 2-Star review.

Shopper Approved collects video testimonials.

Video testimonials are the most powerful communications medium in social media and Shopper Approved is the only service that actively collects them. As soon as you give your approval, the video is automatically uploaded to YouTube and Google accounts and shown in Google Organic, Google Video Offerings.

Shopper Approved offers a pay-as-you-grow model.

Since its launch in 2010, Shopper Approved has operated a fully transparent price policy. Shopper Approved’s pay-as-you-go model has already helped lots of companies start collecting customer ratings and reviews simply and affordably. The pricing model keeps pace with the growth of the business and therefore always remains affordable.

Only these important points remain:

  • Shopper Approved is fully automated
  • Shopper Approved does not offer any incentives in order to collect positive reviews
  • Shopper Approved works entirely without advertising
  • Shopper Approved does not believe in long-term contracts
  • Shopper Approved will send your request for a review to your existing customers
  • Shopper Approved offers a 14-day FREE trial account