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Product reviews

What are Product Reviews?

Product reviews are collected from your customers using an email questionnaire that they are sent as soon as they receive their products. These reviews are added to every product page on your site to make potential customers aware of the quality of your products and motivate the users / visitors to buy from you. In addition we place the 5-Star reviews in your Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and in Google Shopping.

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Collect and display reviews just like the online ‘giants’ do.

Now, just like Amazon, you can have compelling, informative product reviews beautifully displayed alongside each of your products. Shopper Approved Product Reviews are an unbelievably powerful form of communication and are often the deciding factor in your battle with the competitors.

Place your product reviews directly on Google.

Only companies that present their reviews correctly on Google can display 5-Star reviews in their Product Listing Ads (PLAs). In the USA, Shopper Approved is one of only four Google-authorised companies that are allowed to collect and offer Product Reviews. This unique position means Shopper Approved can help give you the chance of getting your 5-Star reviews in Google PLAs and Google Shopping. Shopper Approved even offers you the ability of including previously collected reviews in this process.

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Double your results with our Special Features.

Shopper Approved product reviews have a number of unique functions to help you get results more quickly. Here’s an example: after activation, you can display merchant reviews until your organisation has collected enough product reviews for a given product. You can even collect merchant reviews and product reviews in the same survey, which simplifies the process considerably.

Leave the integration to us.

Shopper Approved’s complete product review system was set up in such a way that it can be integrated into virtually any ordering or purchasing system but, to be honest, it does require some technical knowledge. If you need any help, the Shopper Approved team at Business to You is at hand to provide expert assistance in activating Shopper Approved.

NOW is the time to put Shopper Approved and the reviews and ratings to work for YOUR organisation!