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Local and regional reviews

What are local and regional reviews?

Local and regional reviews are reviews that you collect in your business location or region. Shopper Approved makes it possible to offer these reviews directly on the various search engines, at a regional as well as at a national level, which will maximise the attention value.

Every review in 20 places.

Shopper Approved collects the reviews and ratings independently of the type of products and/or services and offers them to a maximum of 20 of the most prominent regional search engines.

Display your reviews in Google, Bing en Yahoo.

Local and regional reviews can also be offered directly to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your 5-Star ratings will appear in your PPC adverts according the agreements we have with Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing Ad Networks. This will help your company to stand out in local internet searches.

Manage your local listings online.

Besides offering your reviews to search engines Shopper Approved can fully manage your local business data and update it in numerous local business directories. It is possible to manage all relevant data such as your company name, address, telephone number, opening times, description of your activities, photos, video and special offers from a single location saving you a considerable amount of time and money.

Findable on multiple mobile devices.

Statistically, four out of five consumers use search engines on their mobile device to find local information and 80% of those local searches result in sales. Shopper Approved Local offers you the best chance of being found online when a potential customer performs a local search from his/her smartphone, GPS navigation device or tablet.

Make it easy to collect reviews with the right tools.

Shopper Approved Local gives you a wide range of options for collecting customer reviews using things like folders, coupons, QR codes, telephone surveys, emails and even streaming video from your telephone or tablet. Never before was it so easy for an organisation to collect, manage and distribute customer reviews.

Solve problems in person before reviews are displayed.

Shopper Approved offers you the unique opportunity of resolving problems with your customers before reviews are placed online. If, for whatever reason, a customer wishes to leave a bad review you can use the Customer Care system to approach them within 30 days to discuss the matter, giving you the chance to resolve things before the review is placed.

It is time for you to take your local Reviews to a whole new level.