More traffic and visibility

The reviews and ratings are sent

directly to Google, Yahoo and Bing

for maximum findability.

Collect powerful product reviews

Add reviews to your products as the

ultimate proof of your product quality.

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Collect more merchant reviews

Shopper Approved collects up to 70 times

more reviews and ratings and it builds

trust and credibility.

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Use the power of Google

Show your 5-star ratings in Google

Product Listing Adds (PLAs) and

Google Shopping.

Reviews for your physical shop

Restaurant, plumbing business or

dental practice? With local reviews

you can be found more easily.

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Your benefits

  • Increase your sales with reviews/ratings
  • More reviews -> positive impact on your sales
  • Positive reviews reinforce customer relations
  • A quick ROI and clear cost/benefit structure
  • Simple integration

Make it as simple as possible for your customers to leave reviews and ratings. Shopper Approved helps you do just that, because Shopper Approved collects reviews where your customers are located.

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