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RAAS: Redirect as a Service

You need to redirect messages based on intelligence but your system cannot support this? Try routing messages to InfoSwitch and our platform will redirect the message for you!

Our layered platform is easily programmed with multiple rules which must apply based on conditions in the message itself or other parameters build in the rules directly.

route RAAS: Redirect as a Service

Examples InfoSwitch

  • Automatically redirect measured water levels above a specific height to another system.
  • Report creditcard authorization messages with a mix of amount, payment method, IP-address and country to different systems.
  • Redirect M2M (Machine-2-Machine) messages like oil reserve of ocean  tankers based on a minimum oil level to inform the next harbor.
  • Reroute internet transactions of multiple shops to one order database.
  • Send XML-messages based on online e-commerce to a fulfillment company based on product, price or weight.
  • Forward emails dynamically based on a specific from/to/cc/bcc address, subject or even characters in the body of the email.
  • Redirect XBRL-financial messages to different bookkeeping applications based on company or ledger account?

If your system cannot support this, InfoSwitch can. Or if you need to be able to change rules & conditions easily yourself online, use InfoSwitch!

Tip: Combine our Redirect services with Conversion or even Connection!

Redirect an HTTP-message based on rules and even get a SMS if a specific parameter is triggered. Like an http-webshop order update over $ 2.000,- and let InfoSwitch not only redirect the message but also create and send you a SMS!

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