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Ingenico postsale

Using the Infoswitch redirection possibilities, will allow you to send Ingenico post sale messages to the order database of your choice.

Congratulations If you are using Ingenico as your reliable Payment Service Provider! With over 28.000 merchants and over 100 connections to banks and payment methods, Ingenico is one of the leading PSP’s in the world!

If you have multiple web shops, you could use one Ingenico-account for your payments. The dynamic parameter driven integration supports multi-shop environments. Not only for the clients returning in the corresponding web shop they came from, but also the Ingenico ‘post sale update’ can be routed with a ‘PARAMVAR’ to different order databases.

However, many Ingenico modules created for standard web shop applications world wide, do not support the Ingenico dynamic post sale parameter. That’s where InfoSwitch will show its strength.

Our solution is solution independent, no matter you use Magento, Virtuemart, nopCommerce, Zen-cart, ShopFactory, X-Cart, Drupal, Intershop, ePages, SAP, Websphere or other e-commerce solutions.

Route ingenico postsale redirect

InfoSwitch checklist for multiple web shops with 1 Ingenico-account

As Ingenico is a distributing PSP and in the Ingenico-account payment methods and technical parameters are defined, you should reconsider the following points:

  • Is it clear to clients from multiple web shops if there is one and the same name on their creditcard/bank statement? You should avoid charge backs!
  • As all shops use the same payment methods and contracts, is it OK to get paid-out for all shops on one bank account?
  • Security checks are defined in the Ingenico-account. Are you able to define the same SHA-method, SHA-length and SHA-password  in all shops?
  • Can all web shops use the same authorization/capture settings or even Fraud Detection Module parameters?
  • Do you allow multiple users to enter one Ingenico-account? 
  • Think of passwords, settings or even authorization rights to see transactions of the other shops?


Make sure you use "I want to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs." as well. Or contact us for our Ingenico-integration advice!

If you have no doubts about the checklist issues, start using InfoSwitch! If in doubt, you might like to consider an additional Ingenico account or contacting us for advice.

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