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Infoswitch makes connecting easy

InfoSwitch makes connecting easy!

Internet and new technologies let you easily create new functionalities, at least that's the idea. More and more entrepreneurs are confronted with difficult interfaces like XML, WDSL, XBRL and UBL. New standards are great, but also often too complex for most merchants. 

undefinedB2U en undefinedCREO-Cashless Payments Systems created a new platform InfoSwitch. Main goal is to offer a simple integration to automate tasks which normally need a complex project. Use your time and energy for core business!

Different solutions

InfoSwitch is able to handle a variety of functionalities like connection to other systems to monitoring your webserver or even redirecting messages based on parameters. Next to standard modules we are able to create customized solutions which fit your needs.

Your benefits

  • Connect easily to complex interfaces
  • Redirect messages across channels
  • Generate simply advanced functionalities
  • Convert, don't let complexit take over
  • Monitor our website and process
  • Statistics for systems which can't