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TennisPlanet has webstores in The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Sweden. In order to receive the postsale messages from Ingenico in the right order database, TennisPlanet has chosen to use the InfoSwitch redirection. Using InfoSwitch there is no need for separate Ingenico accounts per country.

Benefits for TennisPlanet are:

  • SAAS: easy implementation.
  • Priority: no development, testing, releases and bugfixing.
  • Time frame: this solution is needed for a longer period of time. Because InfoSwitch is easy to implement, the roll out of new countries can be easily done.
  • Cost: an Ingenico account for each country separately is much more expensive than 1 InfoSwitch account.
  • Proven: trust, because more customers are working with the same solution and the knowledge of B2U of te Ingenico-platform.
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