Self-pay at vending machines takes off!

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Paying yourself at POS terminals is taking off! Whether it is a cup of coffee at the kiosk or a few euros of parking money at the vending machine: thanks to so-called unmanned electronic payment solutions, a payment is completed in no time at all without the need for a cashier. Speaking is Jan Gepko de Haan, country manager at Ingenico.

Expert in electronic payments

Jan Gepko de Haan has been involved in the developments surrounding electronic payments since 1991, when we slowly started to have the option of using debit cards alongside cash payments in the Netherlands. He mainly acted in commercial roles with suppliers of electronic payment solutions and thus became acquainted with numerous market segments. ‘At Ingenico, the world’s market leader in electronic payment solutions, I am now responsible for the sale of hardware payment systems in the Netherlands, via resellers or integrators. One of the resellers with whom I work closely is Hans Bouman of Business to You.’

Ingenico’s offer

Ingenico offers a very complete range of hardware payment terminals, ranging from total payment systems for e.g. shops, to mobile solutions, e.g. for the hospitality industry. The range also includes unmanned, or unattended electronic solutions. ‘For every unattended sales situation, we do have a solution: both for low value and high value payments. These can be paid either by PIN or contactless.’

Nice reference cases

As a result, the possibilities are endless, and the success stories can no longer be counted on one hand. A great example is the snack wall of cafeteria Hoek in Groningen. A real student city, the wall has been serving frikandells, croquettes and hamburgers for years. If people can checkout contactless, sales could increase significantly. ‘When it is made easier for people to make payments, you immediately reap the benefits. We also see this at coffee machines and candy vending machines across the country or even at milk & egg vending machines at some farms. You press a button, choose your drink or snack (or egg) and ‘tap’ your payment. Vending is on the rise in our country for a reason!’

Can be placed indoors or outdoors

Ingenico offers all-in-one solutions for chip (dipping), magnetic strip (swiping) and NFC contactless (tapping). So low amounts can easily be paid contactless using a separate unit, and for shops working with higher amounts, Ingenico also supplies payment systems with PIN pads. The vending machines are also tamperproof and weatherproof and equipped with impact-resistant displays, so they can be placed both indoors and outdoors in public areas. ‘All vending solutions comply with IP standards, are splash-proof and solidly built. So they can easily be placed outside, such as at parking meters. Moreover, our Ingenico payment terminals are even suitable for solar-powered vending machines, as they have very low power consumption.’

Easy links

All the solutions offered by Ingenico in cooperation with Business to You naturally have the ability to link easily via MDB or serial. All equipment can therefore be interfaced with any electronic vending solution. ‘All the solutions we provide feature C-TAP software which is accepted by almost all banks in the Benelux. Because this is supplied directly on the terminal, as an end customer you are immediately assured of the right payment software. You are then free to keep the contract with your own bank. This way, you are not dependent on one structure and one bank, and you can discuss local rates with your bank. And, not unimportantly: the most common payment cards can be accepted on the payment terminals.’

A vending solution with Ingenico’s hardware therefore means total relief for any desired unmanned sales situation. Electronic payments at the carwash, quick contactless debit at a public toilet, coffee at the petrol station… the possibilities are endless. And the great thing is: there are more and more.

Wondering how to implement unattended payment solutions? Get in touch and we will discuss the possibilities.

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