New, fresh payment pages from Ingenico

new payment pages

Who doesn’t know them? The somewhat ‘clinical’, white, somewhat cluttered and static payment pages from the Ogone era? The standard layout hadn’t been tinkered with in years, but that has now changed: In fact, Ingenico has developed new, fresh templates!


In terms of the looks of Ingenico payment pages, it seems as if time has stood still for quite a few years. Customers redirected from webshops to the payment page end up on a large, white surface. It may contain all the necessary buttons, but it is not pretty and modern. If you want to say something positive about this page, it is that it has been used for so long that many consumers find it familiar 😉

Sleeker look

But the moment has finally arrived: old-fashioned payment pages are a thing of the past. As an online merchant, from now on you can completely determine what your personalised payment page looks like, based on Ingenico’s new, modern template with new neatly aligned and modern-looking payment buttons. The template is nicely aligned, much clearer, and also responsive, so your customers can benefit from optimal user-friendliness on any device.

This you can do

How to provide yourself with a completely new design? That is very simple. Ingenico has built into the menu an option for the new payment page, which you just have to tick to make use of. If you want, you can also customise the chosen default template to your preferences: the colours and buttons, fonts, layout, banners; the overall look and feel. And especially combine that with the 25 languages Ingenico supports by default! Moreover, it is now possible to upload your company logo to complete your personalised payment page. Want to go one step further? Then you can even upload completely self-designed template pages with style sheets of your own CSS.

So Ingenico’s new templates are proof that Ingenico payment pages anno 2018 can be functional as well as beautiful. Be sure to test them out, we recommend it!

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