Collaboration with B2U unburdens both myself and my customers

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Since web developer Ronald van Dijk became a reseller of Ingenico through Business to You, a burden falls off his shoulders and those of his customers. “The months of waiting for the link with an Internet checkout are a thing of the past. I have nothing to worry about anymore.”

As a web developer, Ronald van Dijk encountered the same problem over and over again. In many cases, when a webshop needed to be built, his project was delayed because his customers did not know how to activate the payment methods of their Internet checkout. Since Van Dijk became an Ingenico reseller through Business to You, those worries are a thing of the past. “I can now offer the total picture and take a lot of work off the hands of both the customer and myself,” he says.


It involves quite a bit before a payment method is up and running. The best party to go with has to be figured out, contracts have to be requested from the banks, papers have to be reviewed and signed and then returned to the relevant parties. After all, each bank is different and has its own procedure. “Sometimes it took 2 to 3 months to get the right papers,” Van Dijk says. A shame, he believes, because during the time that he, as a web developer, was waiting for the connection of the Internet checkout, he could not continue building the web shop for his customer.


Since Van Dijk became a reseller of Ingenico through Business to You, those worries are a thing of the past. “I now have a universal offer in which I can also offer the possibility of payment methods. The handling of that is then handled entirely by Ingenico. My customer has a contract with Ingenico and is also invoiced by them on a monthly basis. The nice thing about this partnership is that my clients keep in touch with me. If there are questions I can’t answer, or if there is a problem somewhere, I can always turn to B2U. That interaction stands as a house.”

Piece of mind

“If I had to call banks, credit card companies or other parties myself for all problems with payments, chargebacks or links to cash registers, it wouldn’t work for me. My core business is building websites, and thanks to Business to You, I can now focus entirely on that again. ‘You just have to call and we will solve it for you,’ B2U said at the beginning of the cooperation. That has proven to be true, it has at least given me a lot of peace of mind in my work.”

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